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Guangdong Gland Precision Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2000. After several years’ management, our company originally created the idea of “stainless steel industrial hardware” for the products, and established the technique standards of stainless steel industrial hardware products progressively. We designed stainless steel industrial hardware series products, mainly based on industrial door handle series products, and applied to complete the sets of equipment for industries. Mainly series products have industrial door handle, industrial door hinge, industrial butt hinge, industrial long hinge, plane cabinet lock, plane paddle lock, cylinder lock, industrial door bolt, industrial door stopper, industrial equipment hinge, carriage aluminum sections, etc.


Our products are widely used in special vehicles, vehicle compartment, container, refrigerating and freezing equipments, military vehicle, engineering vehicle, railway and shipping transportation equipment, aerospace equipment, electrical power and communication equipment, commercial kitchenware equipment, medical and health equipment, machinery equipment, industrial cabinet, food machinery, baking equipment, chemical machinery, environment protection machinery, tobacco equipment, etc. This catalog book’s purpose is to offer the convenience to the customers for a right choice of hardware products and also supply a reference to industrial design engineers for choosing products. We also hope you can give us valuable advice, so we could improve the quality of products to meet the customers’ requirement...


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